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The ultimate way to build security, freedom, and yes wealth, is through dividend paying stocks. Instead of praying and hoping for the market to rise in order to “sell high,” dividend stocks pay cash to use your capital. That’s the way it should be.

Dividend stocks are less volatile, produce more reliable returns, and are often more profitable over the long haul. Don’t gamble with your money, invest in the greatest wealth builder available to all.

Dividend Facts

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Investment Numbers

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Stocks that DON’T pay dividends lost 18% in 2018
Dividends account for 43% of growth in the stock market
Cost of Dividend System subscription
Maximum number of stocks in a portfolio


5 Years

The minimum years that companies must continually increase its cash dividend to be qualified by The Dividend System.

Low Debt

Qualified companies have low debt to invest in growth, to continue paying and increasing their cash dividends.

Low Payout

The amount of money a Dividend System qualified company can pay in cash dividends is limited so as to ensure future payments.

Real Growth

Qualified companies must grow the tangible value of the company every year so as to avoid accounting tricks.

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