Dividends: The most reliable way to build wealth

The stock market’s only way to reliably build income, security, and yes wealth, is through dividend paying stocks that continually increase their dividend. Dividend growth stocks pay you cash to use your capital, and because of that continually increasing stream of dividend income, are likely to appreciate in price. Here at Dividend System™, we provide reviews and analyses to help find the right dividend stocks to meet your investment objectives.

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Just follow the steps outlined in our guide. In less than 30 minutes you’ll be ready to build your future with dividend-paying stocks.

Dividend Stocks
are Better

Paying out regular cash dividends separates the great companies from the mediocre. It takes experienced and skilled management.

About Our

Our proprietary system selects stocks based on their ability to continue paying cash dividends and grow cash coming in to the company.

Dividend System™ Protections

Our system has built-in protections to help prevent a loss of capital and to focus on selecting stocks with a history of delivering results.

10 Years

Companies must have a history of increasing their dividend every year for a minimum of ten years to be included in our recommendations.

Low Debt

Dividend System stock recommendations must have low debt so that companies can continue continue paying and increasing their cash dividends.

Low Payout

The amount of money companies recommended by the Dividend System stock recommenations company can pay in cash dividends is limited so as to ensure future payments.

Real Growth

Our recommended companies must grow the tangible (book) value of the company every year so as to avoid accounting tricks.

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