10 Ways to Find Good Dividend Stocks

Have you ever really enjoyed using a product? Does a certain food or beverage give you comfort? Did your Mom always use that special brand of toothpaste? These are just some of the ways your past and current favorites can lead you to a successful dividend stock.
Finding successful companies that regularly increase their dividends doesn’t have to be hard work. In fact, the most successful dividend paying entities are all around us everyday, and that’s why they are successful. Here are some ideas to get you started on your quest to find the dividend payers that are right for you!

10+ Places to start your search for Good Dividend Stocks

  1. Favorite products that you use repeatedly
  2. Lists of stocks put out by blogs (like this one)
  3. The top holdings of dividend ETF’s and dividend mutual funds
  4. Advertising you find particularly appealing
  5. Products you see embedded in movies and television
  6. Your local electric, gas, or telephone utilities
  7. Prescription drugs you may be taking
  8. Dave Fish‘s regularly published list of “Dividend Champions”
  9. The Kiplinger.com website and magazine
  10. The Seeking Alpha website
  11. The center aisles of your supermarket
Wait–that’s eleven!! Abundance is a good thing. What’s 10% more information among dividend earning friends?
There are a few places that won’t be of much help to you in finding reliable companies that regularly increase their dividends:

5 Places Not To Look for Good Dividend Stocks

  1. Television investing shows
  2. The car you drive
  3. The hottest stock tip
  4. The fastest climbing stocks in the headlines
  5. The hottest trend in clothing
  6. Anything to do with WeWork!
(Yes, that was six!)
To really succeed in selecting dividend stocks requires knowing who not to listen to, relying on sound analysis of business statistics, consistent application of dividend investing principles, elimination of sentimentality and emotion, and filtering our the non-essential “info-noise” that bombards us constantly.
Our goal at the Dividend System™ is to provide concise, reliable, useful information so that you can apply it and reach your financial goals!

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