Dividend Reading Round-Up

To stay up-to-date with dividend investing, it’s good to read multiple sources so you have a broad overview to inform your decisions. Listed below are a few recent articles we’ve enjoyed and that help to clarify what to look for when investing in dividend stocks.

Dividend Growth Selection In A Low Yield Environment – From Seeking Alpha

Key Takeaways

    • Stock candidates should have strong, moat-protected business models, solid growth trends and/or recession-resistant qualities
    • Companies with low debt balance sheets, preferably with large net cash positions, are in a much better position to grow the dividend
    • Growing free cash flows [ Ed – a backtested indicator of higher total return ]
    • Strong Dividend Coverage Ratios
    • Avoid banking or insurance stocks, not conducive to long-term dividend growth
    • Avoid chemical and energy stocks, too dependent on input source costs

Economic Returns by Presidential Party – From Seeking Alpha

Key Takeaways

    • A Democratic win is better for long-term growth prospects
    • Growth during Democratic presidents has produced, on average, 13% annualized, versus under Republicans of just over 5% annually

Reader Choices

What articles have you read recently that would be great for the dividend investing community?

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