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November Stocks Selling at a Discount

Wouldn’t you like to get a discount when buying great dividend stocks? That’s exactly what you can do when you compare a stock’s current PE to it’s historical PE. If the current PE is lower that its 10 year median, it’s selling at a discount. And for dividend yield, if the yield is higher than the median, the price is cyclically depressed, and the stock is selling at a discount. There may be reasons for this (poor earnings, declining market opportunities, etc.), so buyer beware! For many stocks with a significant history of paying an increasing dividend, it’s “just a cyclical thang.”

A total of 19 SELECT stocks matched our criteria, out of this month’s universe of 800 dividend stocks with five years or more of increasing dividends. This list is generated as discussed above, using stock’s historical PE ratio and Yield to determine if they are selling selling at a discount. We have filtered for stocks with a Reliability Rating over 1, that have only failed 3 or fewer of our criteria, and with a timing indicator greater than 3. To make it “select” we have eliminated stocks with low growth in terms of cash flow, book value and dividend growth. Please use this list as a starting point to find the real values!


Sorted from strongest ‘Timing Indicator’ to weakest

TickerGradeTimingCompanyPEYieldRank (of 800)
» (FAF)A+9First American Financial Corp7.93.912
» (NHI)C+8National Health Investors Inc13.17.8323
» (ALL)A+8Allstate Corp6.72.48
» (CBOE)A+7Cboe Global Markets Inc19.51.930
» (PLOW)D-5Douglas Dynamics Inc03.3625
» (JJSF)D+5J&J Snack Foods Corp69.21.7507
» (OC)C5Owens-Corning Inc01.5397
» (EMN)C+5Eastman Chemical Co19.23.3336
» (WLK)B-5Westlake Chemical Corp22.41.6316
» (KWR)B-5Quaker Chemical Corp0.8291
» (STLD)B5Steel Dynamics Inc13.93.1242
» (AFG)B5American Financial Group Inc29.32.5222
» (ECL)B+5Ecolab Inc01212
» (CSGS)B+5CSG Systems International Inc16.22.5170
» (TSCO)A+5Tractor Supply Co20.71.12
» (IOSP)B-4Innospec Inc30.11.6311
» (LSTR)A4Landstar System Inc27.4.692
» (INTC)A4Intel Corp8.7358
» (UFPI)A+4UFP Industries Inc13.91.113


Please Note: This information is not an offer to buy stocks, but just a list that has been narrowed down as starting point for your further research. We always recommend further due diligence before making your decision to invest or not.

Timing indicator is from 1 (weak) to 10 (strong), with value based on historical PE and Yield.

‘♥’ indicates an all-time, reliable favorite well-suited for most portfolios.

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