About Us

The DividendSystem.com is a website and blog that provides information specifically about investing in stocks that pay dividends. Currently all of our content is free to read.

The Dividend System™ website provides information on investing in dividend stocks, informative reviews of candidate companies, with tips and how-to’s on building your wealth through dividends. Readers can look forward to monthly stock picks (for your further research), model portfolios and monthly ratings on popular dividend stocks, with our views on when to buy, sell, and hold.

While the future is a mystery, we would like to add a variety of features that will enable DividendSystem.com to be your hub for all things “dividendtial.” Here are a few of the features we have in our development roadmap:

Dividend System™ website is currently run by a very small team. It was started as a way to provide information to potential investors without charge and without going through editorial designed to “maximize clicks” rather than “maximize usefulness.” We hope you find this to be the case.

As always, the information presented here is not a solicitation to buy stocks. We are not investing professionals. Any decisions you make for your investments are your own responsibility, and you may incur losses. So take responsibility for your money and your own decisions. We are not liable for any information presented here, and your use of the site is indication of your agreement to not hold us liable for any reason at all.

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