West Pharma | Evergreen Growth

West Pharmaceuticals (WST) manufactures and sells containment and delivery systems for injectable drugs and healthcare products in the United States, Germany, Ireland, France, Other European countries, and internationally. (WST) has risen in price in the last nine months likely due to the Covid-19 situation in anticipation that it's products will be needed en masse. West... Continue Reading →

Allstate On Sale!

Based on our calculations, looks like Allstate insurance is currently on sale. It's not a huge sale, but it's a sale. How do we determine that? By looking at the average PE ratio and the average dividend yield and comparing today's - and looking for value. And that's how we came up with Allstate! Allstate... Continue Reading →

COST Costco

The amazing Costco at a stratospheric price! Quality should be expensive. We rate this rock solid company a solid "B+" for many reasons: Low payout ratio of 0.3, meaning the dividend is most likely secure Reasonable free cash flow growth of 9.3% per annum Great dividend growth rate of 12.7% per year Low debt-to-equity ratio... Continue Reading →

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