Grow Capital & Earn Income

Our unique investing system is presented in the hopes that it will enable investors to:

  • Preserve their capital and prevent loss
  • Earn income while money is invested
  • Growth of both capital and income (wealth accumulation)
  • Reduce the volatility of their portfolios
  • Improve their investment decisions
  • Increase their success in investing
  • Increase their financial security
  • Enjoy a like-minded community

Our research and years of successful experience investing have taught us that . . .

  • Consistent investing is key to achieving consistent results
  • Cash payouts reveal the best companies and investments
  • Stability (low volatility) leads to higher returns
  • Quality and reliability cost more and deliver more
  • Hot stocks lead to burning losses
  • High debt is just as bad for companies as it is for individuals
  • Companies with histories of paying increasing dividends have rock solid business models that are difficult to disrupt
  • The most important factors are Free Cash Flow Growth and Dividend Growth Rate

This website will present a variety of information based on the experience of a lifetime, in a variety of forms:

  • Sample investment portfolios
  • A list of always-up-to-date starter stocks
  • Comparisons of investment opportunities
  • Monthly “stock picks” for further research
  • Sector performance
  • Ask And Answer for investing questions

We hope that you’ll visit the Dividend System™ regularly and share your thoughts with us!