Portfolios for your specific needs

For our readers, we have established several sample portfolios targeted to meet different needs. Each of the portfolios below meet our “safety regulations” for their component stocks, which in the world of the Dividend System™ means they are “qualified” to be a considered for investing.

Where the portfolios differ, however, is the focus of each of the stocks chosen. All stocks are dividend payers, but some may be growth oriented, while others don’t grow as fast, but have a higher yield and therefore generate more income. Further, some stocks may have “protective moats” in the form or famous brands, extraordinary quality, technical expertise, etc., that allows them to produce extremely reliable results. And then there are the stocks that are so well managed that they are considered of high quality.

The various personalities of the companies combine to create different portfolios with different results that may more closely match your needs for your goals and age.

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