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For our readers, we have established four standard portfolios. Each of the portfolios meet our “safety regulations” for their component stocks. Where they differ is the focus of the stocks chosen for each portfolio.


This portfolio is for folks who like to get the best of both worlds, some growth and some income. This portfolio won’t provide the highest growth nor the most income, but a blend of both. It’s appropriate for people nearing retirement, or those who believe in a blended approach.


Stock Selections


The stocks included in this portfolio feature a balance of qualified* dividend stocks with the highest Dividend System score for growth and dividend stocks with the highest sustainable yields. The tracking of this portfolio started on July 1, 2019.

[Sometimes the values don’t update (beyond our control). Click this link to see the original Google Sheet.]

Let’s Discuss!


Please share your thoughts about the portfolios below and contact us with any questions. As always, these portfolios are samples, are not appropriate for all investors, and are presented for information purposes. Prior to making an investment, you need to do your own research, as you alone are responsible for your money, investment decisions, and the results therefrom.

* Qualified dividend stocks are those that meet the Dividend System’s minimum requirements for selection, in order to minimize the downside to the extent possible. The minimum criteria are a) Debt/Equity less than 1.2, b) Beta less than 1.06, c) a minimum of 5 years of Increasing Dividends, d) Payout Ratio less than 66% (except for REITS)

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