Long-Term Growth

This model portfolio was created for investors that have a long horizon until they retire. Therefore, it’s a sample selection of stocks for persons under 45-50 years old. Tracking started on 2018-07-20, with re-balancing as noted.

The data is stored in Google Sheets, so the values update automatically.

(Sometimes the data doesn’t fully update (beyond our control.) To see the original Google Sheet, just click here.)

The stocks included meet our minimum requirements that help to reduce the downside and protect against lost of capital, such as keeping debt/equity and payout ratios low, beta low, and at least 5 years of continuously increasing dividends.

Share your comments and ideas!

Sharing your questions and comments is the best way to learn about dividend investing. The Dividend System™️ welcomes your respectful thoughts about the portfolio, critiques, comments, and alternative ideas.

These portfolios are samples, are not appropriate for all investors, and are presented for information purposes. Prior to making an investment, you need to do your own research, as you alone are responsible for your money, investment decisions, and the results therefrom.

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